Design the identity for a one-woman play by Nancy Rappaport.

Nancy Rappaport survived breast cancer. Her experience led her to reflect on life, death and her illness in a most poignant way. She collected these reflections in her play, Regeneration.

I created the identity around two principles:
1. Interpret typographically what it means to “regenerate”,
2. Visualize the emotional struggle of recovering from cancer.

The identity uses 11 typefaces that begin with a thin stencil typeface (boney and broken) and regenerates into a strongly present, bold weight.

Client ················ Nancy Rappaport
Field ················· Identity
Published ············· October 2016
Studio ················ Self

Dutch model used as starting point: Dubbelde Augustyn Capitalen (1748), Izaak en Job, Enschedé, Harlem (Netherlands).

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