Rebrand one of the largest financial institutions in the world, building on its heritage while positioning it as a peer amongst the leading technology companies.

The new Mastercard identity system aims at simplifying, focusing and unifying the brand. The goal is to make Mastercard’s visual voice confident, clear and direct.

I led the design team building the identity system, under creative direction by Pentagram’s partner, Luke Hayman. Logo was designed by Hamish Smyth under creative direction by Michael Bierut.

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Fast Co. Innovation By Design (2017) 
Gold Winner - NY Design Award (2016)
Print Mag Regional Awards (2017)

A huge thanks to the talented team that helped push the project forward at different stages along the way. Pre-launch team: Jenny Hung (designer), Katie Rominger (designer), Hannah Ahn and Magdiel Ortiz (interns). Post-launch team [after the rebranding was completed, building the assets for the whole organization]: Matt Arnold (intern), Eli Hochberg (designer), Frida Borgsted (intern), Elyanna Blaser-Gould (designer), Margaux Saulou (intern).  Icons and illustrations by the talented Giorgio Donghi, under art direction from Luke Hayman and me.

Role ·················· Lead designer with Hamish Smyth
Creative Direction ···· Luke Hayman & Michael Bierut
Studio ................ Pentagram
Field ················· Identity
Published ············· July 2016

The new logo represents both Mastercard the company and the full suite of Mastercard products and services, creating a single brand system for the entire organization as well as its existing and future products.

Identity Elements

The Mastercard identity was developed to articulate itself consistently across multiple areas of communication. All the elements stem visually and conceptually from the same principles, which allow them to be easily combined .


Graphic Elements

Prototype for the Parametric Design Tool




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