Cynthia for New York

Design the logo and visual language for Cynthia Nixon’s gubernatorial campaign.

Cynthia is a unique political candidate: she’s an accomplished actor, a progressive activist, a lifelong New Yorker, bringing powerful change in a state that desperately needs it. Cynthia’s voice is bold and energetic, yet nuanced and approachable.

The logo and visual identity seek to empower her unique voice, at times stepping outside the conventions of past political campaign branding.

This is done by leveraging the messaging through purity of typography: Cynthia for New York is about ideas and the core principles of progressive change.

A huge thanks to Cynthia and Christine for their invaluable vision and energy, to Alex Zeitz Moskin, Hayley Prim and the campaign team, and last-but-not-least Akua Murray-Adoboe for her thoughtful and considered design feedback. 

Role .................. Designer & Art Director
Studio ................ Self / Independent
Field ................. Identity
Published ............. March 2018

Typefaces ............. Canela + Caslon Doric Condensed, by Commercial Type


Designed the first full version of the website. The great peeps at Wide Eye Creative evolved this design into the second version of the site (currently live). They’re doing an awesome job!

Ad & Social System

Designed the initial set of templates for the campaign. The talented in-house design team has been growing and evolving the templates/social campaigns beyond this initial language.

Design Guidelines

In order to capture & communicate the identity, I developed a simple set of guidelines to help all the collaborators and other designers working on the project.


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