Artificial Typography (v0)

What if Noguchi sculpted the letter N? Or Hilma af Klint painted her own initial?

Artificial Typography is an unexpected A to Z in typography and the history of art—a visual journey of a conversation with cutting-edge AI engine, MidJourney. The designers’ role is shifted by this process from creator to curator and provoker through language. Letterforms were generated as if the artist themselves had done it, which resulted in re-imagining what a letterform can be. For example, the AI was prompted with: “Letter B by Louise Bourgeois, crochet”, resulting in an unlikely and unexpected letter /B.

Published by Vernacular, the limited edition book contains 52 artists, and 26 letters, and it is a physical manifestation of a deeply digital process.

Vernacular, founded in 2022, is a small independent publisher with a focus on the intersection of form, typography and visual culture that stretch beyond the commonly agreed registers of “good design.”

Vernacular is run by Andrea A. Trabucco-Campos and Martín Azambuja.

Awarded the Grand Prix by the LAD 2023 (Latin American Awards).

Featured in TheBrandIdentity.

Role .................. Co-creative direction & design
Field ................. Editorial & AI
Typefaces ............. HB Manner by Berton Hasebe
Published ............. June 2022

At its heart, 'Artificial Typography' is driven by a curiosity to see how far AI could push visual language, especially through typography

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