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A2A is a creative production partner with decades of experience, helping some of the best known studios and designers bring their concepts to life in exceptional and unexpected ways. A2A is known for making the most with the least amount of moving parts.

The new identity brings a utilitarian, neutral visual tone of voice that steps back, letting the creative output speak. Only one weight of Untitled Sans is used throughout the identity and website, giving rise to an ultra-technical, yet expressive language through typographic composition and showcase of their techniques.

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Role .................. Web & Identity Design & Art Direction
Field ................. Identity, Website
Typefaces ............. Untitled Sans by Klim Type
Client ................ Adam Wahler + Allan Wahler
Photography ........... William Mullan
Published ............. Fall 2021

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Search & discovery

Beyond targeted queries, Search also serves as a learning & discovery tool for new production techniques, showing all images within a project with a simple hover.

Analog techniques in digital form

The A2A website features a play with light within the typographic forms, which capture analog techniques like embossing in a digital form.

One typeface,
one weight

Untitled Sans by Klim Type aligned with the intent of making the identity straightfoward and adaptable to a wide variety of styles & techniques that the work itself brings.

12 column + baseline grids


The new A2A logo is neutral and utilitarian, mirroring the studio’s culture to reliably adapt to any condition & challenge.

The logo and identity becomes a vehicle for techniques of production and experimentation.

Art Direction

Art direction was provided for a custom photoshoot with the talented William Mullan .

The focus is to capture the work in a straightforward way, amplifying the great output by A2A and the impressive roster of designers & studios they collaborate with.

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